Psyclo Ride Camp

This year, Psyclo brings Fun Ride, Camping, and Party concept. Within this concept, Psyclo wants to invite the contestants to enjoy an experience of riding in different atmosphere. Psyclo Ride Camp will be held for 2 days with +/- 100K route, following the route that has been prepared by Psyclo Ride Camp 2016 crew, with an additional camping activity for 1 night in east side of Bali. Not only that/beside that, Psyclo will held Gold Sprint which presented by Bali Balap Liar team and also Movie Contest. hotline on +628990331818 for more info, or check our instagram @psyclopista, twitter @psyclopista also instagram
So get your bike on, your spirit and amo to join Psyclo Ride Camp 2016!

The Almighty Lord Hanoman

The Almighty Lord Hanoman invites you to #Psyclo100K 2013. Prepare your ride, your spirit, and your breath for the next level of Balinese style Long Distance Ride on fixed gear bike. Save the date! November, 15-16 2013.Let’s call our hotline on +628568002800 for more info, or check our twitter @psyclopista also

Jakartarck on XXI Short Film Festival – March 22nd, 23rd, and 24th 2013

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13.2.13 – Lilly Hunter is on! Wednesday

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Life Behind Bars – Psyclo 100K

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Psyclo 100K?

First of all, meet Psyclo, the motley crew of speed freak fanatics, a mix of eco-defending urban cyclists who mash the hustle and bustle of Bali on fixed gears. We’re the biggest fixed gear crew in Bali with over 50 members, and most importantly, we are the most active fixed gear enthusiasts on the island. We ride daily from home to work, morning rides, sunset rides, night rides, critical mass, criterium rides, bali balap liar (alley cat races), and for sure, our signature ride, the signature-mentally taxing long distance ride every weekends.

Just last month, we successfully organised the Psyclo 100K, a 100-kilometer long ride to East Bali, cycling from Denpasar passing through serene green hills of Gianyar, the smooth glaring hot tarmacs of Klungkung coastline, peaking at Sang Hyang Ambu Hill near Karangasem before a long downhill stretch of a dusty, rocky, fun, and crazy cyclo-cross track nearing the finish line at a virgin beach in Bugbug Karangasem. For the 90 riders coming from all over Indonesia as well as Australia, Finland, Malaysia and Singapore, the ride was surely a challenge but totally rewarding.

The event has surely put Bali on the map for adventure and sport tourism, particularly in an urban-underground sense… Continue Reading…



Newsflash: Psyclo100K in Bali Daily Tuesday, November 27 2012

Here’s the screenshot of Psyclo100K making the headlines, again. Thanks to all who supported us along the way!
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Hello world, Meet Psyclo.
We are a mix of eco-defenders and urban cyclists – mashing the hustle and bustle of Bali and more, on fixed gears. We are the biggest fixed gear crew in Bali with over 50 members, and most importantly, we are the most active fixed gear enthusiasts in the island. We ride most days of the week and we do have it all. We got Bike To Work Rides, Morning Rides, Sunset Rides, Night Rides, Critical Mass, Criterium Rides, Alley Cat Races, and for sure, our signature ride is the Long Distance Ride every Saturday of the week.

To celebrate our commitment to the urban-fixed gear culture, and our first anniversary, on November 17, 2012 we’ve organized a 100K fixed gear only ride, a Long Distance Ride from Warung Bendega, Denpasar to Virgin Beach Karangasem. Joined by 80 plus riders from all over Indonesia (jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Jember, Gresik, Surabaya, Bali, Makassar, Gorontalo, Balikpapan, and more) plus international riders from Perth – Western Australia, Finland, Singapore and Malaysia, the ride passed through four towns of the island, from Denpasar, Gianyar, Klungkung and finished at the golden white pristine sands and deep blue surfs of Virgin Beach, Karangasem.

The terrain along the way is smooth hot-mixed tarmacs, uphill, peaking at Sang Hyang Ambu Hill near Karangasem and a long downhill stretch of dusty-rocky-fun-crazy off road nearing the finish line. For most of the riders, the ride was surely a challenge but none the less rewarding. We made a lot of new friends, the bonding was solid, and most of all we surely made the island buzzing!

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open photo on the facebook.

I will report the event in more detail, meanwhile do enjoy the images and videos of the ride. Bless you, make sure to check our Twitter feeds @psyclopista and befriend us at Facebook and check for the next LDR event in Bali. Cycling is the new smart, fixed gear is the new cool and bike legs are always sexy!